Friday, 9 September 2016

Radiant Concealer

I've got a concealer for you today. Concealer is a product that is near and dear to my heart seeing I've always 'struggled' with redness on my cheecks. Since I've discovered it's benefits, I've never set a foot backwards and always apply it quite liberally. It's just a crucial step to get that blank canvas so I can but on my other face product. A red blush, for instance - oh, the irony.
Enough chitter-chatter though, let's talk about the Radiance Reveal Concealer by Bourjois

I mainly picked this concealer up because I hadn't heard of it before. The radiance factor ofcourse also sucked me in. And it smelled like fresh cucumber. I got it in the shade (01) Ivory and that's a good match for me to use with a highlighting function as well.
The applicator is a classic doe-foot, nothing special, but works fine. It distributes product evenly, so you don't end up with one undereye that's super-corrected and only not-so-corrected.

As you can see, the coverage is OK, but not really full on, heavy duty. It's enough to conceal my redness after I've already applied foundation though, so I didn't mind. It also didn't feel heavy because of this.

I don't know if it's an oil-free formula - it's neither confirmed or rejected on their site - and that's something I need because of my oily skin. It is really hydrating because of the hyaluronic acid that's inside, so if you suffer from a dry undereye area, this is a good option. I liked it for that zone, but when it comes to my cheecks, forehead and nose, it's too hydrating and it ends up making my oils peek through faster. It hasn't breaken me out though, which is good.

I do love to wear this though because it gives a very flawless, glowy finish to the skin, but maybe not on days when I have/want to wear it for a longer period of time. Not because it's not longlasting, but because of the problem I described above.

One downside I found after a while - which I thought of as a positive at the beginning - was that smell. It's refreshing and nice, but it's unusual for a makeup product in my eyes. I always think it has gone bad when I smell it, even though it doesn't really smell foul! But if you think you're not as paranoid as me, that won't be a problem.

All in all, this is a rather good concealer. Maybe not as suited for my skintype, but if your skin is more on the dry side and you're looking foor a great undereye concealer (or anywhere else), you might really enjoy this one!

Sofie x

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