Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Eyes Of The Day #3

I know, I know. I promised I'd be back in business and then I skip some posts again. I'm terrible. The past few days and weeks have been so hectic that I just didn't get into that 'sit down and blog' kind of mood. But - again - enough of that. I found these pictures somewhere on my computer and I thought I'd still share them, even though it's been a while since this look was on my eyes.

As you can see, I was into that heavy lower line look. Still am, but it's maybe a bit too much for school. Actually, I'd still wear it for school if I had more time in the mornings. Or wasn't as lazy as I am lately.

I used my trusty old Nude 'tude palette by theBalm. A truly All time classic. But I threw my affordable and pretty decent Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette by catrice in the mix as well, accompanied by some mascara - the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara and the Lash Princess False Lash Effect by Essence - and eyeliner that I quite apparently forgot to put in the picture. I have no memory of what I used.

The shades used from my dear Nude 'tude palette were Sleek on the lower lashline, buffed out with some Sultry (ofcourse), which I also blended into my crease. Because Sultry is just the most perfect blending and crease shade known to mankind.

And from this handy palette I only used the second shade from the right. A pretty purple, mauve shade that is absolutely matte. Just something simple to balance out that heavy lower liner.

I know this is a short and simple post, but I'll be back in the future. I'm not going to make any promises though, because this school year seems to be a lot more hectic and filled than the last one, and I've only just started - or so it seems... But you'll be hearing of me!

Sofie x

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