Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Nails Of The Night #12

Hello sweetlings, I thought it was about time for a long overdue Nails Of The Night post! It's been months - four to be precise - since my last one and I am deeply ashamed... Forgive me my friends! I'm hopping back on that blogger-bike as we speak! I can stop with these ramblings soon too - hopefully. Now let's talk nails - a bit of colour for autumn!

I actually went totally crazy and went for one sparkly nail - a true rebelious act, am I right? Anyway, I thought the colours matched perfectly so that the glitter didn't scream 'I'm sparkly' all the time. It showed up in a more subtle way.

The polishes used are the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in (290) Grey Matters - a true stunning greyish blue, great for those colder days where you still want to splash some colour on your nails - and the Catrice polish in (CO3) Greencard To Surreality - same kind of shade, but with added white sparkles - which was part of a limited edition kind of release.

Quality wise, the Miracle Gel polish didn't stay on my nails for 14 days as they promised, but they were pretty and shiny and stayed on for a few days without chipping. But I'm not surprised they didn't last that long, seeing my nails are in an awful state I'm desperate to improve. But I guess that requires some nail polish detoxing... Anyway, I did combine the polish with the Miracle Gel top coat as well, ofcourse, but I do like the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat better

The Catrice polish is lovely, but nail polishes with glitter tend to stay on your nails (or mine at least) for a longer period of time. But they are also a bit more damaging to your nails. It did stay on my nails for 5 full days without chipping and was then removed with the rest of my 'manicure'

Have you ever tried these Miracle Gel polishes? Do you think they're worth the hype?

Sofie x

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