Thursday, 24 September 2015

My first Makeup Revolution experience

First off, let me beg you for forgiveness because I left you without warning for two weeks. I think I needed a break because I had been blogging for a whole year without one. But enough of that, let's talk about a beautiful palette by Makeup Revolution I picked up while I was in London. It's one of their Salvation Palettes in the 'shade' Run Boy Run - does sound like a nice palette, right?

Let's just take a moment to stare in awe at these colours. I know right? It's a divine combination of neutral mattes and shimmery shades, with some darker shades to make this palette extra versatile. There's one shade in particular that really stood out to me when I picked out this palette - Break Out From Society, because I'm all for that burnt orange eye look - but really, you can get so many different looks with a shade range like this one.

The fact that there's a range of mattes included, only makes this palette better. You really can just throw this in your suitcase and you're set for a neutral everyday (maybe total matte) look or you can go all out with a dark smokey eye. You can even omit eyeliner and use the black matte shade included (preferably wet) to line your eyes.

Time for swatches - yay!
Trying To Catch You - Running Is Victory - Sun Will Be Guiding You - Day Is A Phrophesy - Another Day - It's Time To Run

The lightest shades (Trying to catch you and Running is victory) aren't very visible, but that's mainly because they're a close match with my skin tone. They are actually nicely pigmented, especially because I'd mainly use them as highlight shades, which I don't really like to be too 'in your face'.

Sun will be guiding you is a beautiful cool toned brown, while Another day has a slightly rosey, golden undertone in it. Day is a Phrophesy (which is written written really... odd, don't you think?) Is the star of this row and is a bronzey gold shade. It just screams luxury, mystery and decadence to me.

The one shade I don't really reach for is It's time to run, which is completely my fault. I've always had some prejudgements about blue eyeshadows because of ways I've seen them being sported, but this is actually a really nice cool blue shade and I should use it more. Mental note taken.

World Is Not Meant For You - Hide Behind Me - Dying To Stop You - Break Out From Society- Don't Have To Hide Away - You Will Be My Boy
This is a less neutral row. World is not meant for you is grey, a colour I don't see regularly in a palette. Or as an eyeshadow in general. It's maybe a little less pigmented than the other shimmery shades in this palette, but still really nice to use in certain looks. Hide behind me is also in the same metallic family, being a rose gold with some added silver sparks, making it something else than your usual rosegold.

Another light one that doesn't show up on my skin is Dying to stop you. It's also really pigmented, but a bit more flakey and patchey than the other ones. I do tend to stay away from this one, just because it's so pink and shimmery. But if you like that kind of vibe, it's in this palette!

Want to know about my three favourite shades from this palette? Well, it's these next three shades! Break out from society is my allround favourite. It's just perfect in it's red, orange colour, it's pigmentation, and it's shimmeriness. It's really hard for me to use another shade than this one when I use this palette. Don't have to hide away is a reddish gold (you can tell I love me some red and gold, but I swear I'm not a gryffindor!), perfect for a festive look or to combine with my favourite. And just to make this palette even more perfect they added in a You will be my boy, a stunning dark plum shade with red shimmers through it. I think I don't need any more palettes in my life.

Follow Me - Head To The Hills - Run Boy Run - Girl On Fire - You Are Finally Mine - Head Start

We have reached the matte row! This one is less excting and less pigmented than the shimmery shades, but still really usefull (and pigmented enough) to create an eyeshadow look. You have a white in Follow me and various stages of brown and taupe in Head to the hills, Run boy rund and You are finally mine. Girl on fire is a taupe with a slight purple undertone. And then there's Head Start, a matte black for either a dramatic look or to be used as eyeliner.

To round things up; beautiful and pigmented shades, easy to blend, staying power is good, very affordable (£6.00/€8.25) and comes with a decently sized mirror. I recommend it to anyone looking for a decent palette.

Sofie x

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  1. That palette looks brilliant! The shades are all such versatile, wearable colours. I feel like there is something for everyone in there!