Sunday, 13 November 2016

My First Lancome Try-Out

Ah - my first luxury powder. Okay, it may be a sample, but it's luxury nontheless! And yes, I didn't remove the sticker because - secretely - I love seeing that little Lancôme flower when I open up this small compact. It makes me feel special. Now, let's not get too caught up in the super-duper superficial stuff en get to the actual content.

This is the Belle de Teint powder by Lancôme in the shade (01) Belle de Rose, which looks quite pink in the compact, something that made me take a step back when I first looked at it. After some time I just bit the bullet and decided to just give it a go. Guess what. It was the perfect shade for me.

This powder has an extremely soft feeling when you swatch it. Almost like stroking a little pomeranian puppy. So when you apply this powder, it feels like your rubbing your face against a soft puppy belly. OK. Maybe that's not the best description. But it is really soft. Just. Trust me on this one. It's not scratchy at all.

After application, my skin feels very soft as well. But I think I made my point with that. It's also very lightweight and I don't feel like I get very oily while wearing this. And that's something that happens rather quickly with me. The finish is beautiful as well. Matte yet glowy. It looks like you've got a great skin day whilst wearing this.  Other products go on this great as well. so triple yay for that!

When looking at how it wore, again, I really can't say anything bad about it. It wore beautifully and - like I said, kept my oils at bay. I could easily wear it a full day without feeling greasy and 'uncovered'. I really recommend this powder if you want to venture in the world of luxury powders. This was, for me, a great first taste.

Have you any powder recommendations for me? I'd love to try some more great ones. It doesn't necessarily have to be a luxury one, I'm still down to try out a lot more drugstore. Because well. I can try out more ;D

Sofie x

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