Saturday, 20 August 2016

Maybelline Superstay

To stay in the 'oldies' theme, I thought I'd talk about a foundation-concealer combo I was intrigued by for a long time before picking it up. I remember swatching this foundation when it first came out - before I was truly a makeup crazy - and thinking that it felt very. Special. Now it doesn't feel as special as back then - I've gotten too used to these different consistensies - but when I saw Maybelline had an offer, I had to pick up their Superstay Better Skin foundation and the Superstay 24H Concealer.

bare faced - foundation - foundation and concealer

I got the foundation is the shade 005) Light Beige and the concealer in the shade Ivory. I have to say, I was surprised by how good they match my fair skin. I can wear this shade in the winter and don't feel like I'm a yellow muppet. Yay!

bare faced - foundation - foundation and concealer

As you can see in both pictures, there's some amazing coverage going on. I've got red cheecks - they've gotten better, trust me - and already after the foundation there's not much to notice anymore. When I top it off with concealer I look like the pale ice queen I've always wanted to be. So a plus for coverage.

Packaging: The foundation has a sturdy glass bottle with a pump. Nothing too fancy but very functional. The concealer has a rather large doe-foot applicator, which is nice for a quick application but isn't too precise. I cover large parst of my face though (my cheecks) with concealer, so that's a plus for me.

When using these products combined, it does provide for some good staying power. I'm not convinced that it would stay put for the full 24 hours, but I wore it a full day when I had a lot of errand to run and it still looked good at the end of the day. Ofcourse I set it with a powder because I'm an oily mess, but no powder touch-up was needed.

Speaking of my oil-levels, neither contain oil and won't break you out. And they also claim that the skin texture and appearance will better over time when used frequently. Now, I haven't been consistent enough in wearing this foundation to say anything about it, but I can say that it hasn't irritated my oh so sensitive skin.

Back to the wear. Like I said, combined they perform well. I have used this concealer on top of another foundation and wel... That wasn't pleasant. I started breaking up almost immediatly and looked blotchy, made my pores look enormous and it didn't keep the oil at bay at all. If you're interested in these products, buy both or only the foundation I'd suggest. I don't know why, but that concealer only adheres to it's corresponding foundation.

Have you tried this and had the same experience? Or is it my concealer who doesn't like change?

Sofie x

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