Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I'm into The System

No, not a Nails Of The Night for this one, because it's so much more than just a nail polish. It deserves it's own post. I visited New York this summer and ofcourse I picked up way to many goodies. Including The System by Formula X, which I completed with the shade Exquisite of their The Colors nailpolishes. These were hyped some time ago, but now I finally got my hands on them and I'm not afraid to share my thoughts!

First off, Exquisite is a beautiful shade. A darker mauvey pink. And isn't that just - almost - everyone's favourite? It's easy to wear, goes with almost everything, yet is more interesting than a simple nude. I mean. I love it. And I think it would suite everyone.

About the system itself now. The first step is the Nail Cleanser. This is something little me has never used before. And was a bit hesistant about. It's a base 'product' that removes oil from your nails so you end up with a longer lasting manicure.
I got pretty ragged nails, so I'm a bit hesistant about this step, but I don't feel like it destroys my nails. It may actually help the lasting power of the product, something I struggle with a lot with nail polishes. It smells nice though, aside from the overpowering alcoholic scent. After you apply it you get a fresh, cucumbery smell - maybe because it contains cucumber extract.

The second step is the Base Coat (Prime). In it's conatiner it looks pink,yes, but on the nails it's just a see-through basecout. I'll say it now though; the brushes of this system aren't my favourite. They're old-school nail polish brushes - just plain and round and not very big. It's a bit more fiddly to get a nice even coat and it takes longer too, compared to bigger and flatter brushes.
Having said that, the formula of this basecoat is nice and thin, so this way it kind of makes up for that. You don't tend to overload this way.

Step number three is the The Colors Nail Polish by choice. The one I got has a nice opacity and I apply two layers of it, though you could get away with one. Sometimes I'm just too careful in the first round and end up putting on too little.

Then, the fourth and final step is the Top Coat (Shine), which is more goopy compared to the others, but I actually like that about it. I like my top coats goopy. Is that weird? It does apply a bit thicker because of it, but then again, it's a good shell to protect every layer underneath. It dries fairly quickly and likes pretty shiny as well!

All in all, I like this nifty system. It also stays put longer than my average 'manicures', and that's something when you look at my nails. The only real downside is that the brushes are so darn small. Maybe I'm spoiled with all the fabulous brushes on the market these days, but hey, it is what it is.

Have you tried this formula before? And do you maybe have some nail treatment recommendations for me so I can take some more care of my poor nails?

Sofie x

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