Monday, 14 March 2016

Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara

Let's talk some more mascara. You know I'm addicted to the cheap kind you find in the drugtsture and does what it priomises you. At heart though, I love luxury. So I'd been eyeing up this beautiful and hyped up mascara for a while and when I was in Malaga (blog post here), I finally snatched it up to give it a go. Yes, I am talking about the Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. High claims to live up to, right?

The first time I applied thie mascara, I was in awe. My lashes tripled it volume and doubled in length. I never used more than two coats because for me, in everyday life, that's enough drama and volume I'll ever need. It clumps just a tiny bit, but mainly on the lower part of you lashes and that enhances the idea of volume.
Again, I can't say a lot about how much it holds the curl, since my own lashes have a natural curl, but it dries up rather hard so I believe it will do it's job.
It's not a waterproof version (but there one coming seen I noticed while browsing their site!), so when you eyes water and you've applied it on you lower lashesh, well, it will run.
When talking about lower lash use, I'd say it's not too great. It's a but too much and a bit too clumpy and there are other mascaras I'd like to use in that area.

The wand itself is nice. Not too big, but certainly not too small.The bristles are short and not plastic. It's actually a really nice brush to use because it's a bit failproof. the only thing you have to remember to do - which is basic to me - is to wiggle with your wand at the roots of your leashes to prevent as much clumping as possible and not to push too high to prevent mascara on your upper lid. But you'll end with big, dollish, flawless lashes.

Yes, this product is pricier than other's I've used. But I sure do think it's worth it. I forgot how much exactly I pad for it, but on their site it's sold for $23.00. When you want to splurge and this product is available to you, just do it! Your lashes will thank you.

Have you tried this mascara before? Or is there another one you'd like for me to try - both high end or low end?

Sofie x

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  1. Oh, this mascara looks lovely on you! I'm glad it works for you so well, I've seen a few people who weren't super impressed with it!


    1. I guess it works better when your lashes are naturally curly but short?
      Sofie x