Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Last Minute Limited Editions

I'm coming to you with a small review of some limited edition goodies I bought from both Essence and Catrice, my two favourite drugstore - and most affordable - brands. Why last minute? Because it's almost no longer possible to buy these anymore. But, knowing Kruidvat in Belgium, it will probably be available longer than expected. They always seem to be a little bit behind - two to three weeks or so - with these limited edition collections. But enough chatting, let's get down to business.

First off, I'm going to talk about the Gradation Blush by Catrice I picked up from their Rough Luxury collection. It immediatly caught my eye with it's beautiful, geometric pattern and soft pink, shimmery shade. 
When I first tried it out I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this product is richly pigmented. I don't really pile a lot of blush on my cheecks because of my natural flush, so I just had to dip my brush in the pan, even tap of some of it and I ended up with a nice flush. It's not powdery and messy, but nice, smooth and buttery.
What makes this a complete bargain, is the fact that this Gradation Blush has, well, a gradation. Because of this, it's possible to end up with three shades out of one blush! I've swatched the upper side, lower side and then the two shades swirled together. Whatever mood you're in, wether it's bold or more subtle, this blush could be the answer. 
I liked the shade where the two colours are combined best, but I've worn it the three ways and never was dissapointed.

The two products I picked up from Essence where the nail polish and lipgloss, both in the shade Roaring Red from the All That Greys collection. Safe to say it was the shade that made me go for it.
The nail polish was one I loved when I just applied it, but hated half an hour later. It's a pearly matte finish, which I really liked and the shade was just perfect. It was opaque with two coats as well. I was happy with these results. Just moments later though it started peeling off. and half an hour later I was left with nails that looked like I work in a kitchen as a dish washer. There was almost nothing left. That's why there's no swatch included. I might do a Nails Of The Night with it in the future so you can see the finish, but right now I don't see why I would do that because the lasting power is, well, it doesn't really exist.

The lipgloss is a lot better. Nicely pigmented, moisturising, beautiful shade and an easy, even application. After you drink or eat something or when it starts to wear off, there's still a slight stain left, so your lips still look juicy and full of life.
It has a sweet, almondy scent, but not too overpowering like some of their products can be - like the matte liquid lipsticks they used to have in the past. I like it for those days I want a bolder lip, but don't want a dry, matte formula.

That rounds up this quick, last minute review. Have you picked up any of these products? Did you love them or hate them? And if you like the look of it, don't wait too long because they might be gone really soon!

Sofie x

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