Monday, 7 December 2015

Maybelline's Master Sculpt

These days, with all the snacking going on, I'd like to get some contour going to minimise the puffyness that's starting to get more and more noticable. So what better time than this to test out Maybelline's Master Sculpt duo.

I bought this palette in the shade Light because I'm rather pale and I have to say, these shades are perfect for my skintone. The contour shade is not too orange, deep or grey and the highlight just blend in perfectly with a fair skintone. I can see it could be a problem if your skin is more olive based seeing it's almost pure white, so that's something to keeep in mind.

It blends nicely and is not too pigmented, so you don't end up with a harsh line if you're not careful. And it's salvagable when you do go overboard. It also wears really nicely through the day and doesn't get patchy.

One remark I do have is that it's a bit powdery. I have to be a bit careful when I go at it with my brush because there's a lot of fall out. I wouldn't want it to spill all over my clothes. But when you keep that in mind whilst using it and tap into the product rather than swirl, this is really nice. I also like the fact that there's more contour powder than highlight. Let's be honest, how many of us use as much highlighter as contour powder? I think that if you'll ever run out of this product, it will be quite simultaneously.

So I definetely recommend this duo, especially because it's available for drugstore prices. But I think I'll delve into the even more affordable brands and their contour kits, too. Who knows there's a gem hidden there!

Sofie x

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