Thursday, 3 December 2015

Some Urban Decay Purchases

Urban Decay has made it's way to Belgium! Let's just take a moment to be amazed and shocked. I mean, Who knew their eye would fall on a small country like mine? It actually was available for quite some time already, but only online or in Brussels, which I don't visit too often. So when it arrived in Antwerp... Well, you can guess the end of that sentence. I didn't pick up too much and I sure wanted to buy more, but I restrained myself from it and kept it to two items.

I picked up - as you may have read in my last post - one of their Afterglow blushes in the shade Rapture. It's a beautiful mauvey pink blush with a slight shimmer that shows on the skin as a slight sheen - without specks of glitter.

It's extremely pigmented, so you do have to be a bit careful when applying it. There's a handy 'grid' in the lid though, so when you pick up a bit to much you can swirl your brush over it to lose some of it. it wears beautifully, doesn't get patchy and stays on until I'll take my makeup off in the evening. Which it should, for it's price (€28.80)

The other item I picked up is one of their Naked 24/7 Glide-on Double-ended Eye Pencils in the shade Naked 1 just because I wanted more for my money. This Pencil was €19.60, so the fact that it was 2 shades in one was really a bonus. I also wanted a brown eyepencil for a while. But enough of those excuses.

I really do like this pencil. It doesn't set right away so you can make it as intense or smudged out as you like, But afterwards it does set and doesn't really go anywhere. They also apply really smooth, so you don't get this 'draggy' feeling whilst application and they don't skip. One remark is that when I apply it on the upper waterline it does keep tranferring to the lower one and I'm not the biggest fan of that. But my waterlines are very... watery - who'd have guessed. On the other hand, it does stay in that waterline for the whole day. So that's a plus.

have you tried any Urban Decay products? I'm contemplating buying more - a lot more. Especially the lipstick that matches that beautiful blush.

Sofie x

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