Monday, 23 November 2015

H&M Beauty

It has been some time now since H&M launched their new beauty range and it got me all excited! I knew it was coming, but I didn't know when, how, or just the exact amount of products they would be releasing. So one day I just wandered into an H&M and was baffled by this beautiful new collection.

Triple Rasberry - Ginger Snap - Mesmerise Me

Let's start off with some of the eyeshadows I picked up. I got two metallic shades: Triple Rasberry - a, shocking, rasberry pink shade with some gold hints to it - and Ginger Snap - A beautiful gold. The third eyeshadow I decided on was the shade Mesmerise Me, which is a dark green with lighter green glitter in. I fell instantly in love with this shade, even though it's a rather dramatic one. But who am I kidding, I love some drama in my makeup sometimes.

These shadows are all just so soft, buttery and pigmented. It's a real pleasure to apply them. There's no fallout when working with them and they stay put all day. These shadows all get one big thumbs up from me. And though I heard some people say that they didn't like certain shades of these eyeshadows, I absolutely recommend these three at least. Maybe I'll try some more out in the future to expand my knowledge and therefore will be able to make some better recommendations.

Lush Lip Vinyl in Tuscan Dream
The second thing I picked up was the Lush Lip Vinyl in the shade Tuscan Dream - a neutral, slightly blue toned pink. As you can see by this swatch, these are some pigmented glosses.
The applicator is long and makes it a breeze to apply this product. The formula itself is a bit on the sticky side, which I don't really like. It's not too bad though.
It has a slight sugary smell, but that isn't noticable after you've put it on. So no worries there if you don't like scented lip products - or scented products in general.

The wear is alright. It's still a lip gloss kind of product and will wear off after eating something, but if you're just drinking water or something else, it will stay put for a decent amount of time. it also leaves you lips slightly stained, but I can't tell you that would be the case for all of the shades.

In short, I like their eyeshadows a lot and the lip vinyl a little. I would only - of these two - buy more of the eyeshadows. I am tempted to try out they velvet lip cream, but I'm a bit hesistant because my lips are rather dry lately.

have you tried anything from this new beauty range?

Sofie x

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