Thursday, 26 November 2015

Another Subtle Dupe

A few weeks ago I first got aquinted with the brand W7 and their dupes. Yes, you read it correctly, this brand consists mainly out of dupes of great, hyped up and rather expensive makeup products. i already reviewed their Hollywood Bronze & Glow palette (link here) without anything to compare it to, but today will different! This Absolute Lashes Mascara is obviously trying to be a dupe for the Benefit They're Real Mascara I tried a while back and loved.

When comparing the brushes, I can say that they look almost identical. I don't have the They're Real anymore to do an in depth inspection, but I can say they're both plastic, pointy and have that special tip.

One thing that I noticed right from when I first started using this mascara is that it's a rather 'harsh' wand. The first few times - or whenever my eyes were a bit sensitive - it almost felt like I was stabbing my eyes a bit. But maybe that's because sometimes I'm a bit wild with my application. Still, this might be something to consider if you've got some sensitive eyes.

The formula is really nice. Giving length and volume, but without the pain of clumps. I especially like the look of this mascara on my lower lashes and guess what? It doesn't really smudge! The wear on the whole is great as well, without flaking or - like I said - smudging.
 I feel that, if you compare these pictures with the ones of my They're Real review (link), you get a really similar result. One downside is that it dries out quickly. But since I bought it for €4 (at op=op in the Netherlands) and I am actually able to use it for a couple of months, I'm not too upset by that. It's even so that because it's drying out a bit, there's even less and less clumps.

I also want to tell my fellow belgian readers that it's not impossible to buy this brand here! I've discovered they sell it on! Not everything though - and ofcourse not this mascare - but it's a start!

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