Thursday, 6 August 2015

Catrice Longlasting Lipstick

Let's talk about some more lipstick, dears! You should know - for sure now - that I'm a complete, utter lipstick addict. My mission: trying out every single formula that's on the market. It will probably never happen - partly because I really won't get my hands on every single one of them - but I can try, right? Today I'll be talking about the Ultimate Stay Lipstick by Catrice.

upper: (080) Passion Red - lower: (060) Floral Coral
I picked up the shades (080) Passion Red - a beautiful deep, brownish red - and (060) Floral Coral - a pink with a blue undertone, which is a bit out of my comfortzone. I normally never wear pinks.

The pigment of these lipsticks is great. One to two swipes is all you need for full coverage on your lips. It's also even and creamy when you apply so it doesn't drag over your lips at all. They only start clinging to dry patches after a while - I can still wear them now that my lips are parched.

Wear wise: When worn during a normal day that includes talking, drinking water and eating non-oily food, you're good for a good couple of hours. I only really needed to reapply after a big meal or eating something rather unhealthy (read: oily). I don't think that one of these two shades performs better or worse than the other one, so if you're into pinks or reds, there's one for you here!

Another hit by Catrice, I'd say! My love for them only gets confirmed everytime I try something else out by them and if I've ever used anything that I didn't like by them, it's outweighed heavily by all their other lovely products. A true gem-brand in the drugstore!

Sofie x

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  1. I haven't tried this lipstick from Catrice yet! Looks lovely

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. These give so much more color pay-off! I was a super fan of the first formula but they didn't really show up!