Monday, 20 July 2015

Time to set these undereyes!

I'm sure I'm not the only one in search for the Perfect One. The perfect foundation, the perfect mascara - the latter driving me crazy. But I really apply this search on every single step of my makeup routine. So when I finally decided that my undereye area wasn't happy with just plain face powder to be set with, I decided to try out this High Definition Undereye Setting Powder from e.l.f.'s Studio line.

When I first got my order and opened the box, I was actually surprised by how tiny the packaging of this product is. I thought it wouldn't last very long. Luckily you really don't need a lot of it so it's not a big deal. Now I think it's a good amount for the €4.00 I paid for it.

It's also easy to travel with. Sadly, there's nothing to stop the powder from getting all in the upper compartement of the jar, making it really difficult to pick up just a small amount of powder.

The powder itself is very fine and transparant. I apply it with my small tapered brush (also by e.l.f.), picking up product and swirling it in the lid before actual application - just so the product is evenly distributed on the brush and I won't over-apply.

The wear is great with no patchyness or other emberassing misshaps. It just sets your eyes, evens them out without a heavy feel and keeps them covered for the full day! Safe to say that this product gets a big thumbs up from me.

Sofie x

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