Thursday, 16 July 2015

New (but old) eye palette love

There are so many products that I've been using for ages! I kinda feel the need to talk about them and since I've been using them for so long, these reviews will be honest and complete. I think I've given them a long enough run to really get all the details to you.
Today, it's going to be all about the MUA Matte Palette, a lovely palette for all my fellow matte and neutral eye lovers - though I'm venturing out lately!

As you can see in these swatches, the first four colours are all pretty much skincolourish for me. They aren't very pigmented - especially the second (yellowish) one - and the white shade is rather chalky, so I gave up on using this colour as an inner corner highlight.

As you can see, the upper third shade is my most used colour. That's because I use it all the time. all over my lid and up to my browbone for a natural look or even when I'm going darker and more dramatic , I use this shade to blend out the harsh lines (I can also use the skin-toned fourth shade for this) because it's just a little bit more browney than my skin colour. It has pretty good pigmentation as well, so this shade is a winner to me.

The last shade from the upper row is a great taupe and my second most used colour. Great for in the crease for everyday or on the lid when you want to go a little bit less natural. Win.

The darker shades are a bit of hit and miss. I have to admit that I've never really used this blue shade because a matte blue shade just doesn't inspire me - when blue, add sparkles, am I right? But as you can see in the swatches, the blue is kind of patchy, as is the black...

Speaking of the black, great for using as liner with an angled brush or to smudge in your lash line, not so great for a dramatic, black smokey eye. You can get away with it, you'll just have to put an extra amount of effort into it.

The three other shades in this palette (first lower three) are all great, though the third one has a little less pigmenation. I especially love combining the first two with some added black eyeliner. Simple yet sassy.

So all in all, this is - for it's price - a great palette for everyday use. It's also great to add in your routine when you're going for a more 'eccentric' eye look. To blend things out, mainly. But... I think I'm going to go for another palette pretty soon. I'm dreaming of building my own mini MAC palette for everyday, but that may be for the not so near future. If anyone has a great recommendation for a new neutral one, hit me up!

Sofie x

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