Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The most delicious smelling Setting Spray

Again, a review of a product that supposedly prolongs the wear of your makeup and keeps oils at bay: the Red Orange Makeup Finish (matte type) by Skinfood. Skinfood is a korean beauty brand and as you may or may not know (or think), asian - but especially korean - makeup and skincare is of a whole other level. They are the inventors of BB creams and cushion foundation - something LancĂ´me now has released as a 'new innovation'. Enough chit chat though, let's get talking about this wonderful product.

First off, I need to tell you about how great this spray smells. One of the reasons that I can't not use it, is because it just wakes me up and refreshes me so much with it's scent of fresh oranges. Super sweet and zesty.
But it's not only a makeup call, it's also just a great performing product, even without the scent.

I mainly use it to blend in my powders on places where I might have gone overboard with them - which I tend to do too often - and just give my face back it's natural look. But it doesn't end there. I really think this product makes my makeup adhere to my face and transforms it into a stubborn toddler not wanting to let go of his doll - or in this case, my face.

You may think this is a pretty basic nozzle, but it's great. Diffuses the product without it ending up on just one spot of your face and making all of your hard work all patchy. No, it's a fine mist that's 'just enough'.

It's affordable too! I bought mine on Jolse, a great site to browse on when you're interested in Korean makeup and skincare. Also ships for free and I've never had any problems with them! So I recommend picking this up there, if you're interested.

Sofie x

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