Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Drugstore Eyeprimer

Summertime - that time when I just want to stay inside, hide from the sun and become a true hermit. Though I'm trying to change my ways, I still can't stand any form of heat so I resolutely end up as a sweaty mess when the temperatures rise higher than 20°C... This all means I end up with an oily face - though this situation has changed things drastically since I've been taking my acne-fighting medication!
Anyhow! I wanted to talk about this great eyeprimer I've been using to keep my oily eyelids at bay; the City Proof 24 HR Eye Primer by NYC.

I'm not going to keep you waiting for my judgement for too long: I love this primer! It's in a pencil format so it's easy to apply, Just draw it on and then distribute the product with your finger so there are no 'patches' anywhere. I especially like this method because it's easy to get some primer underneath your eye - you know I like a darkened up lower lashline.

I feel like this product really helps with the wear of my eyeshadow. I've been using it with a lot of different formulas and they've all been behaving really well. No creasing has happened with this primer. This comes from a girl with some extremely oily eyelids! But I think my treatment might have something to do with this as well.

One downside is the cheap packaging. The actual product has already fallen out once, but I safely pushed it back in and now it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. You do get quite a bit of product for a really decent (as in very affordable, less than €4) , so it's not a big shocker that they spent a little less money on packaging.

Have you tried this product? Or what is your favourite drugstore eye primer?

Sofie x

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