Monday, 6 July 2015

A princess and a Bad Gal

I think it's about time I'd update you guys about two mascaras I've been trying out lately. I've been using them for some months and finally think I can give an honest, grounded opinion. 
The ones I'll be talking about are on the opposite ends of the price-scale, one being 'very drugstore' - Lash Princess Fals Lash Mascara by Essence - and one 'quite high-end' - BADgal lash Volumizing Mascara by Benefit.

Lash Princess 

I actually really love this mascara. But only when I only apply one coat. In the picture I applied two coats and that results in clumpy lashes. But that's not too bothersome to me. 
What I really like about this mascara is the length it provides. You end up with lashes that stand out and make your eyes look a lot bigger. And for less than €4! I like.

The brush is a little bit 'crooked' which is actually really nice during application. The bristles are very short and present in a large number. This way a good amount of product is applied on the base of the lashes, but then distributed evenly up to the ends of the lashes. This way there's more volume added to the roots of the lashes.

This is actually the second mascara in the princess family by Essence and I loved the first one (link to review here) a lot as well. Though they're both not waterproof, they might be my favourite, very affordable mascaras.

Bad Gal

It's obvious that this slightly - or a hella lot - more expensive mascara delivers more refined results. Though I wasn't a huge fan of it at first (review here), I've grown to like it more and more. But I think that it's important that when you finally decide to splurge on a mascara, it should deliver it's full potential from the start.

It's a thin formula that provides a natural look, but can be built up - to an extent. But I like the more dramatic lash. The brush is nice and big, but that also sometimes makes application a bit more difficult than I'd like it to be. All in all, a nice mascara, but there are still better ones out there. This is still the mascara I only gravitate towards on natural days or when I'm forcing myself to use it up... And that ain't so good for a mascara that's over €20 full size.

So is more expensive always better? Depends on what you're looking for. If you want this kind of natural look, be my guest and try it out. But beware, this is not a waterproof or water resistant formula. Just a natural mascara that will run when water comes into contact with it.

Have you tried one or both of these mascaras? What are your thoughts on them?

Sofie x

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