Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Clinique Lip Pops

I recently treated myself to these two bad boys. I passed my exams and was a bit emotional - not too much detail here - but I thought some retail therapy would do the trick. So I bought two of Clinique's fairly recent Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in the shades Grape Pop as recommended by the awesome Anouchka) and Cola Pop.

I love these lipsticks. I know I've only had them for about a week, but Grape Pop has been on my lips almost daily from that point and Cola Pop also had it's share of love - even though it's autumnal as autumn gets.

Grape Pop
Look at the beautiful purple, pinky, awesome shade! I'm so happy I got this shade because it's just so different from everything else I've got. Just great for summer without being too pink and girly. I just LOVE IT!

Cola Pop
And this shade just makes me feel like a complete vampire babe. I know I'm going to wear this all year 'round, even though this brown red is such a perfect autumnal shade - like I mentioned before. But you know me, I deny spring and summer in all it's forms, so I'll wear this even when it's hot as hell outside. 

I really like the formula of these as well. Really lightweight, yet still longlasting. They leave a stain and I can wear them for a couple of hours without having to heavily reapply. I just have to make sure I exfoliate and moisturise my dry lips before application so the stain won't cling to some flakes.  They are also extremely pigmented

Enough chitchat of this exciting new purchase! Even though I love them and could talk about them for hours and hours...

Sofie x

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  1. Vampire babe alright! Your denying spring and summer part spoke right to my soul.

  2. Wow these are really lovely shades

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves