Thursday, 16 April 2015

Naked Basics

Two posts with a similar theme in a row? I think I'm on some sort of eyeshadow palette high... But this is one I've been using for a very long time - probably longer than I should - and I'm almost ashamed that I haven't talked about it already. Maybe because it's such a basic product? Anyhows, let me introduce you to the original Naked Basics by Urban Decay.

Venus - Foxy - Walk Of Shame - Naked 2 - Faint - Crave
Why is this such a basic palette, you ask me? Just look at those eyeshadows. It's everything you need to achieve a range of different looks, from a beautiful neutral eye to a deep, smokey look.
It consists of five matte shades and one subtle, shimmery highlight shade, which is great to open up your eyes.

Then you've got two lighter shades - hard do spot on my pale skin, sorry - you can pat over your whole eyelid and up to the browbone to neutralize anything underneath. There's one with a yellow undertone (Foxy) and one with a pink undertone (Walk Of Shame). I tend to use the latter because it's very natural on me. I think you could also use these as a matte highlight if you've got a darker skintone.

My favourite shades are up next. Naked 2 is my most used one. I either use it in the crease for my natural look or on my eyelids for more drama. It's super pigmented and blendable - as is every other shade in this palette - so I don't have to use as much product as I normally would. This is one of the reasons why this baby is lasting me as long as it does.
Faint is my perfect crease colour for the more dramatic look, but I sometimes use it in my outer corner for a more sultry look.

And if I want a wing but don't want to carry my trusty Stila Stay all day liquid liner around with me, I can take a brush and use Crave to get that flick going. I don't tend to use black eyeshadow all over my lids, but the times I've been playing around with this shadow it always blended out beautifully.

This is just a very nice palette to have on hand to either just use on it's own or with some other eyeshadows that are missing that neutral brown blending shade. I really recommend it, especially when you're just starting out with eyeshadows.
Something that may be interesting, is that they've released a Naked Basics 2 which contains cooler colours and more darker shades. I would like to buy it, but this palette is still going strong and I don't want to spend the money (around €30) on another neutral palette.

Have you tried any products by Urban Decay yet? Anything you'd recommend to a beauty junkie like me?



  1. Ah I so badly wish I had a Urban Decay Naked palette!


    1. they're great! I still want one of the 'big' naked palettes, but this one will do for now ;p

      Sofie x

  2. This is my favourite palette! I use faint on my eyebrows every day and I still haven't touched the pan yet! I can easily use all 5 shades and do a smokey eye too!
    Love it! But don't really like the look of number 2 to be quite honest, the shades are too cool-toned for me i much prefer warm Browns

    Katie x