Monday, 13 April 2015

Catrice Rose Palette

Today I bring to you... An eyeshadow palette review! And not just any eyeshadow palette! It's my most used, most affordable (when you don't count my tiny Essence quads) one! It's the Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette by Catrice which you can find in stores like Kruidvat for only €4.99! Ecstatic intro aside, let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about this babe.

lightning was once again no friend of mine...
You may have already noticed, but I really like this pallette. It's in the shade (010) Frankie Rose To Hollywood, but it's the only 'shade' of the rose palette 'series'. Maybe there's more to come in the future? 

Let's start off by talking about these beautiful shades. There's one shade in this palette that I absolutely love and use every time I bust out this palette - even though I try not to - and that's the second one on the right side. It's just a perfect purple, mauve shade and it's the only real matte in this palette. More often than not you can find me wearing only this with maybe just a little bit of one of the lighter shades as a highlight. This shade really makes the whole palette worth buying.

Not that the other shades aren't good. The darkest shade on the right is a beautiful dark purple with some pink-ish, not too overpowering glitter in it. Great for a dark smokey look or do darken up your outer corner. The intensity tends to fade after a couple of hours, but it's still quite lovely.

The lighter shades aren't as pigmented, but still show up well enough to my standards. I don't tend to wear shades this light all over my eyelid, so these are perfect for inner corner highlights. I've also been putting them on top of the matte shade with my fingertips to add a little bit of shimmer.

To wrap things up: this is a great palette to try if you're in the market for a new one. It isn't just affordable, but also has some great shadows in it. I also think it's great if you want to try something else than always the classic nude shades. 

They do sell more of these palettes, so I'm tempted to try out more. Have you tried any of these palettes? Did they impress you as well?


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  1. I have not tried them yet but I always consider buying it. Would love to try it out but I'll probably be boring and go for a nude one :) I have a massive 12-pan predominantly purples eye shadow palette so I try to not buy too many purple toned eye shadows anymore.