Monday, 2 March 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes

Let's talk about a hyped up brush set that I received as a Christmas gift. This is the Rose Golden Luxury brush set by Zoeva. I know - again - it's been a while since then, but I wanted to truly test these brushes out and wash them a couple of times before I wrote down my opinion. This set contains 4 face brushes and 4 eye brushes, so let's get started.

110 face shape - 102 silk finish - 106 powder - 127 luxe sheer cheek


(110) Face shape
This brush is meant to be used as a contour, but I really didn't think it worked for this kind of goal. Maybe if you use cream contouring it would work - it's got some nice and stiff bristles for that kind of work. I, on the other hand, used it to buff out my concealer. It's not too big for undereye use and just buffs out cream products to the point of nothingness. But don't worry, it's still there.

(102) Silk finish
I look at this one as the bigger version of the face shape brush and vice versa. It's dense, the brushes are just the right level of stiffness so it blends out foundation efortlessly. I only use it for my liquid foundation, but Zoeva claims that it's also great to blend out powder foundation. I haven't tried this yet though, but I can imagine it being absolutely great for this purpose.

(106) powder
Ah -  one of my favourites of this set. Again; dense bristles so you get a good amount of product on the brush, but a lot less stiff so it doesn't cake up your face with powder. I love this brush so much because you can use it to buff in the powder, but also 'stamp' onto the places where you need some extra setting - for me, that would be my nose. 

(127) Luxe sheer cheek
Since I've started to experiment with powder blushes, I've used this brush as my one and only tool. It picks up a fair amount of product, so I always tap some of and even blot on my hand before I apply. I like using it, but I think that it would be awesome for the more experienced blush-user. It's so smooth though that I love it and I know I will get better at using it more boldly in the future.

227 soft definer - 231 petit crease - 142 concealer buffer - 317 wing liner

(227) Soft definer
This is a 'standard' eye brush. Great to apply eyeshadow and blend it afterwards. This is something you can use on it's own for a one shadow kind of look, or use it with the petit crease brush for a look that provides more depth. It's bristles are soft, not too dense and make blending eyeshadow really easy.

(231) Petit crease
This brush is great for adding that - already talked about - depth into your crease. Just pick it up, place it into your crease and buff it out with the soft definer. The brushes are so soft and dense, which leads to a smooth eyeshadow application process.

(142) concealer buffer
This is actually a face brush, intended to buff out concealer (no way?!). I don't use it for concealer though because I find it a bit too small. It takes forever to blend out all of my concealer. You could use it for spot concealing - which you wouldn't buff out but tap in place - but I use it to apply cream eyeshadows. Again; it's dense, it's stiff and it's just picks up and places creamy products like no other.

(317) Wing liner
This is actually my least used product of the whole set, because I don't use gel eyeliner. I want to, but I never get around to buying it. I've used this brush to make a wing with eyeshadow though, and it's really great. It's got very stiff bristles so it does what you tell it to do - very important when you want to get that perfect wing. It doesn't get flimsy and end up a centimeter from where you wanted to actually place your brush.

And last but not least; the bag that contains it all. It's a beautiful leather bag with a rose gold zipper and a Zoeva tag on it. It's simple and really handy to put all your brushes in when you're travelling. It's even big enough to fit all my brushes and the makeup I take with me when I go on a short trip.

This set is €65.00 is their website, but if you're in Belgium, you can buy it in the shop Beauty Queen in Ghent (they also sell online), where it's €68.50 - which is actually the same because you don't have to pay for shipping when you buy it in the shop. Think about it though: there are eight brushes in this set, so you pay less than €10 for one brush and you get a beautifull bag.

Have you tried Zoeva brushes before? Or had a secret desire to try them out?


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