Thursday, 5 March 2015

Catrice Multistyle eyeliner

You guys know I love Catrice. Almost all of my experiences with their products have been great or - at least - good enough. I saw this Multi Styly Matt Eyeliner in stores recently when I was looking for a nice, affordable eyeliner to replace my Stila one, so I just snatched it up.

Multi style, you ask? This is the point that kind of sold it to me. The tip is shaped very differently than any other eyeliner I've ever used. Catrice claims that this kind of design makes it a lot easier to draw a line, because you can use the different sides of this tip in different spots, so applying eyeliner gets a lot quicker.

I have to admit, sadly enough, that I was very dissapointed. Maybe I should have known that a tip like this wouldn't work, but I didn't find it easier at all to apply this eyeliner. On the contrary, I found it very hard to get a precise application because there is no point on this tip. What I found even worse than just a difficult applicator - because I could experiment with it some more to make it work - is that it just wasn't black enough! As  you can see in the picture below, it just looks like thinned out water paint.

L: Flat side - R: narrow side
I tried to make it work better by just 'juicing' some out on my hand first, but the consistency didn't change one bit. Of the swatches above - when looked at them seperately - the left one was swatched first, before my 'juicing'-attempts, and the one on the right was after I tried to get it to work.

On their website, Catrice claims that this liner will stay on your lids all day, but I think it smudges very easily and when my eyes get watery, it comes right of and/or forms a black puddle in the outer corner of my eye.

It's safe to say that this isn't an eyeliner I'd buy again. Even though it's only €3.59, I still don't think it's worth the money. Especially when I know what this brand is capable of. I'm sure their other liners will be better. I think it's worth the try?

Have you ever tried this eyeliner? Or another one by catrice you think I should try?


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