Thursday, 26 February 2015

February favourites 2015

Welcome to my first Favourites post! I am so excited to start with these that I'm barely able to hold my breath and do an introduction. Get ready to discover my absolute favourites of this month!

Let's start of with the Medavita Lissublime shampoo and mask combo. I got this for the past Holidays from my boyfriend's mother (thank you!) and I've been loving it so much! My hair always feels so soft and smooth after using it! It's an Italian brand, so sadly it's hard to get by here in Belgium, but you can get it at selected hairdressers. I will do a full review in the future about it.

Secondly, a long time favourite of mine; the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. This was the first powder I ever bought (a couple of shades too dark back then, ofcourse). Now I got it in the shade (001) Transparant, which looks great on my pale skin and keeps my oilyness from getting too out of control.

Next up are two nailpolishes. The first one I have already talked about in a Nails Of The Night post (link). I have been wearing this polish almost non-stop this month. It's just a nice nude, but more than a nude. 
The other polish is actually a base coat; the Silky growth base coat by Elegant touch. I'm afraid I got one of the last bottles available, because I bought it in clearance and I'm not able to find it on their website... But it has really helped my brittle nails to hold on to nailpolish for a lot longer! It dries very quickly and ends up with a matte finish. I really hope that if I run out of this, I'll find a base coat that I'll love just as much...

And last but certainly not least, the lipstick that has been giving me life this month. I'm talking about the Rouge Edition 12 heures by Bourjois in (33) PĂȘche cocooning. I've also done a post about this lipstick in the past (link) and I'm still loving it! Especially when the days are as grey as they are right now, I love a little bit of colour to add some extra happiness in my life. It's also great on those days the sun does come. It's moments like these I really think spring is around the corner - except it isn't.

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites post as much as I did! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and you're ideas about them!


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