Monday, 16 March 2015

A very longlasting lipstick formula

It is finally time to talk about a product that has find his way to Belgian drugstores in the last few weeks. It's the Provocalips by Rimmel, a liquidy lipstick that claims to stay on your lips for about 16 hours. Let's take a closer look at this exceptional formula.

lightning wasn't my friend today, so forgive the inaccurate pictures...
I picked up the shade (730) Make your move, which is a nice brownish nude colour with just some sparks of glitter, but it isn't too much. This is one of the two real nude colours, the others are a lot more colourful - or they seem to be when I look at them on their site. I picked up this shade because I thought it would be a lot more orange and I wanted to branch out of my 'berries and reds'-comfort zone.

I really liked this formula. It's really easy to apply because the doe foot applicator is long and a little bit thin so you can get a precise application. After application they tell you to wait for 60 seconds - I tend to pull the creepy smile face - but I didn't always wait this long because ain't nobody got time for that! After this drying period, you can apply the colour-locking, moisturising, shine boosting 'topcoat', which in my mind really smells like chapstick.
After this ritual, you end up with beautiful, juicy lips! I have to say, this shine doesn't stay with you all day, but you can easily re-apply some of that 'chapstick' side.

The colour overall lasted really well on my lips. I wore it from 11am untill 10.30pm today and all the colour stayed in place, without re-applying the topcoat once. On days where I am more talkative it doesn't last as good though and I find I have to re-apply the topcoat once or twice. I don't recommend re-applying the colour during the day because I found that it caused some build-up.
Apart from that, it doesn't dry my lips out like a lip stain usually does. Yes, I know it isn't a lip stain, but you know what I mean.
I've also heard people say they found it too long lasting and they didn't get it off their lips, but I didn't have any problems with that. I just soaked my lips with some micellar water and it came right off.

To round this review up; I really like this product and I am for sure tempted to buy another shade. Maybe Kiss Fatal? It'd be interesting to try out a bolder shade!
As I said before, you can now these products in Belgium at Kruidvat and Di for around €11-12 euros!


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