Monday, 9 March 2015

Body Shop body butter

I like to smell nice. Even better, I want to smell nice but don't want to apply a perfume every single day. That gets expensive after a while. Another thing I like, is to be nicely moisturised and not to feel like a lizard. How to reform these needs into actual possibilities? With the body butters by The Body Shop ofcourse!

I've been using these body butter religiously for over a year now. It all started out with the vineyard peach scented one, a limited edition butter which returns every summer. Although that scent is my all time favourite, I like to branch out and try other ones, like this Clementine (or satsuma) one.

There are two big differences between these two though.
First; the scent, obviously. They smell exactly as their names describe them and it lingers with you for a while, but not too overwhelming.
Second: the consistency! The peach one is much thicker and butter-alike than the clementine one, and therefore puts a lot more moisture in your skin. The clementine one is also very moisturising, don't get me wrong, but if you're in need of some serious moisture, I'd go looking for the tubs with 'hydration for dry skin' on them instead of normal skin. My skin isn't too dry, apart from the occasional dry elbow and/or knee, so I can easily get away with the clementine/'normal skin'-type tubs.

There are a lot of scents in the body shop body butter range, so I recommend everyone to go there and smell them all to find your perfect scented body butter - or lotion, if you prefer a less heavy consistency. They've got one of every smell as well. You should also look out for a promotion, because €16 for a tub isn't cheap, but there are a lot of occasions you can get second one half-off. You can always use some back-ups, right?


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  1. Love the body shop this looks really awesome

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