Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interested in dry shampoo?

I don't even want to start by explaining my hair story, seeing it's way too embarrassing. Let's just say I come from a dark place where I washed my hair daily and even - for a while - straightened it afterwards while it was still damp.
So the last 2 years - though I think it's not even that long - I've been training my hair to be less demanding and less often in need for a wash. How did I still get to go outside? Dry shampoo, my friend, it has saved my social life. Or what's left of it.

I started out with the cult one - Batiste dry shampoo. It used to be almost the only one available plus it was affordable and they had a brown coloured one. I still use that one from time to time, but I've been branching out because it really felt as if I had a lot of product built up at my roots when I use that one. It's very potent though, so if you're starting out with your 'hair-training', I recommend you use this one first.

Now that I can leave one day in between washes without it getting greasy - I'm currently training more for a second day - I like to get some lighter version that I can spray in my hair at the evening when I want a quick refreshement for the scalp. This dry shampoo by Syoss has provided me with just that. Apart from being a lot less powdery, it refreshes my hair instantly and leaves it feeling freshly washed after I use it.
Because of this, I feel like it's better for your hair and scalp when you use it. When I use one from batiste my hair tends to feel a lot dryer, while with the syoss dry shampoo, a good amount of nourishment stays in my hair.

Have you ever used dry shampoo? If so, are there any other brands you'd recommend? I know some people are afraid of using it, but when you rub the powder out with a towel, you really can't see you've used it! For me, it has been a life-saver.


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