Monday, 2 February 2015

Travel Roundup: a weekend at Bruges

After my exams, my supermega-awesome boyfriend treated me to a trip to Bruges - including fancy hotel - to get me back to my least stresseful state. It worked wonders and I am so happy to have spend this weekend with him and discover this city in my own country that atracts people from all over the world.
I've only been in Bruges once before, which was a brief visit. So now we thoroughly wandered the streets and I thought I'd just post some pictures I took. I didn't take that many, because I wanted to enjoy my time there in real life.

We stayed at Grand Hotel Casselbergh, which I do recommend if you want to feel luxurious! We had a room in the old parts and it was absolutely stunning. When I first entered, my jaw literally almost hit the floor. My boyfriend didn't tell me where we would be staying, so this was the most awesome surprise!

We didn't just wander the streets, we also visited Choco Story, a museum all about chocolate and its origins and how it was made I thought it was interesting and I loved all the statues made out of chocolate, my favourite being the little piggy! I really loved the fairy as well, but I couldn't get an amazing picture of her since she stood in a rather dark corner.

I just want to let you know that I took all of these pictures with my phone, so if the quality isn't as good as a 'proper' camera, you now know why. I'm still blown away by the quality though ;) I hope you enjoyed this -different- post!

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