Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jewelery Haul

Recently I bought a few jewelery pieces from the Etsy store JuliesJewelryHouse and I thought I'd share them here and tell you my thoughts on them. I've got three pairs of earrings (because I'm an addict) and a super cute reindeer necklace.

I'll start of with that necklace, because maybe some of you will think that it's too late to be wearing this. I'm here to tell you that I'll rock this reindeer year round. They do not only exist during the holiday season, so I'll make them be remembered during those other months as well.
There's a bell underneath him as well, which does make a christmassy sound, but I don't really mind. I think it adds a little character to this little fella. 
The chain is a nice length and it's not too heavy altogether. I'd say it's pretty nice quality for its price (€3.41, excl. shipping). The only thing I tend to struggle with, is the fact that the lock is a little bit small. But in the end it's not impossible to get it done. 

Left: link
upper-right: link
lower-right: link

The earrings are great, too. They don't feel cheap, even though they are rather affordable. The ones with the leaves on them are nice, have a nice weight to them so they don't fly around are only €1.70 (excl. shipping).
The dangly earring with the gold-toned 'stone' in them are really pretty as well, to my humble opinion. They're casual with an edge. They have a nice weight as well and they are not too pointy, so I don't end up accidentally stabbing myself in the cheecks. This pair is €1.70 as well, again without the shipping costs.
And the green studs... They really are studs. They got this vintage feel to them and I personally think they go well with my dark brown hair and fair skin. This kind of green is one of my favourite colours as well (tailgating dark brownish red), so this piece is the one that actually 'lured' me into buying from this shop. This set was a little more 'expensive' though (€4.26, excl shipping), but that's because it has more body to it.

For all of these products together and shipping I paid $20.46, which converts to about €18.03. I think that's a real bargain and that the products I received look more expensive than they actually are.
It didn't take too long too ship as well, seeing it had to travel all thze way from Singapore to good old Belgium. This took two weeks.

I'm pleased with this experience and I think I will buy from this shop again!

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