Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nails Of The Night #4

Once again I come to you with a polish which has blown away my mind! I bought it on my last trip to Primark - in Brussels this time, though I like the one at Eindhoven better. It's a polis from the P.S. Love range, but I am not sure if there's a name on it... There are numbers (PS2764?), but a real name is nowhere to be found.

This shade really stood out to me when I was looking at the polishes. It's a dusty rose-pink and I personally think it would look good on everyone. It's a nude, but not a nude and adds a bit of interest to your everyday polish.
I've bought a white nail polish from this range before, so I knew this would be good for it's price - only €1.50 - and I was right! I've been wearing it for three days now without it chipping! Well, I had one chip, but that's because I've got brittle nails and I fixed it quickly. That's more than enough for me, because most of the time, I change up my nail colour after three days max.
I actually like this colour better than the white one, but that's because white is a lot harsher and less forgiving when you mess one nail up.

So when you're visiting a primark, don't only look at the clothes, jewelery and shoes, definitely take a look at these polishes as well!

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  1. That's such a pretty color. It's very unique. I wish we had Primark here!

    :] // ▲ ▲