Saturday, 10 January 2015

(not so) Drastic Changes

Dear readers.
I'm going to start this post off with one question; How would you pronounce Soefaj? 
I think many of you would come up with a different way and honestly, I understand. That's why I am going to make one simple change to the name of my blog. I'll substitute the J with a Y.

So how did I come up with Soefaj in the first place? It's a nickname a good friend gave me a couple of years ago, but she wrote it as soophay I think. But me, being a dutch-speaking belgian, always wrote it as Soefaj. I kept using this name as an 'alias' on the internet, so for me it was only logical to use it for my blog as well.
But since I write english posts, I guess it wasn't a very logical choice. I've heard people pronounce it as 'soefage', reading the J in an english manner and it gave me the chills.
I hope this clears things out and I'll make sure you can find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest under the same name!

So from now on,  you'll find my blog when you type in !
Love you all!
Soefay x

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