Monday, 12 January 2015

My Blush Journey

It has not been a long time since I started wearing a blush - almost -  daily. I've got skin 'issues' which translated into me having very present red cheeks. By that I mean that I couldn't cover it up with any foundation that was within my budget. But now I'm being treated by a dermatologist and my 'situation' has improved tremendously.
Now that I'm able to slap a blush onto my cheecks, I thought I'd pick up the Miracle touch creamy blush by Max Factor in the shade soft pink.

Since I'm only starting out, I wanted a blush that was fool-proof. After reading up other blog posts and watching dozens of youtube videos, I found out that this blush was a simple and easy one to try out.

As you can see, it's a light pink shade, which really compliments my fair skintone. It's got a creamy texture, making it less scary for me to use. My cheeks can be a bit dry and lure powders into patching up in some areas.

I applied this with my e.l.f. small stipple blush (reviewed here) and it applies really easily! I just lightly dot my brush two or three times in the products, remove some of the excess on the back of my hand and then apply it first in a stippling motion (to distribute evenly), followed by a blending motion. I find that this technique helps to apply this product evenly and subtle.

Why this long process? Well, if I was to just go straight from the product onto my face, I may end up like a - fabulous - clown. This stuff is pigmented. If you do mess up though, you can just go over it with your foundation brush to make it less noticable.

As you can see, I really like this product because it has such a natural, glowy finish without dissapearing before I could ever show it to the world. It's also buildable, so if you want that extra pop of colour on your cheeck, just add as desired!

Do you have any blush recommendations? I'm still experimenting with the kind of colours that suit me, so if you have any ideas of products I might try out, just shoot them at me!

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