Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Nails of the night #2

Whoop! Second instalment of my 'nails of the night' series! I'm proud of myself that I keep doing this :D Also, this post had to go up because it's concerning some LIMITED EDITION products! I saw them on display and realised I had to buy them straight away so if any of my readers like it, they can still but them, right?
The nail polish this is all about it from the new VISIONairy limited edition line of CATRICE.

I picked up the colours (CO3) Greencard to Surreality, which is shimmery, light mint green and (CO4) Greyhound to Nowhere, which is a shimmery, but MATTE dark grey. This last one especially grabbed my attention, because I had never seen anything like it and I thought it would be great to play around with. They're both around €3.50 if I remember correctly and if you're quick, all catrice nail polishes are on offer, so when you buy two of them, you only have to pay €5! (until january the 11th)

Anyways, back to the main focus! Apart from liking the colours in their containers, I also really like them on my nails. These pictures really don't do them any justice (especially the minty one), you just have to go and look at them yourself.

When I was applying them for the first time, I was really impressed with the amount of coverage the grey nail polish gave me. I could have stopped after one coat and would have been settled! But knowing me, I put on two coats anyway. The minty one, however, does have less coverage. One coat means sparse glitters and two coats: glitters with just a little bit of your natural nail peeping through. I don't mind though and liked that effect, but if you want a full-on glittery nail, you can go back in with a third coating and you'll be satisfied. It doesn't get too thick.
What this means though, is that you can wear this minty nail polish on it's own or on top of another nail polish as a glittery top coat. I can imagine it will be a beautiful spring look. Just thinking ahead!

What about staying power, you ask me? Well, up until now, they've lasted me for two days and if you know me and my nails, that's some good staying power for a product as affordable as this one! Normally my polish chips during my second (or first) day of wear. And I didn't even use a top coat!

So, this nails of the night episode lasted a little longer than I expected, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! Are you interested in these polishes or anything else from this limited edition line of Catrice?

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