Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Autumnal Berry Lipstick

With only 5 days left, autumn has come and passed. A pity, because I really love this season where the weather changes to a - for me - more desirable temparature, everything turns orange and red and trees and nature smell heavenly. It's also the season in which it's not a crime to wear a bold lip in your everyday life. Berry lips in every format are rather common, I'd say, so I jumped on the bandwagon and bought an affordable berry lip shade for myself; The Ultimate Lipstick in (340) Berry Bradshaw by Catrice.

For starters: I love this colour. Not too pink, not too dark, just the right amount of colour for an everyday berry. It's a scented lipstick though, and it's not your usual candy scented one as well. It's sweet, yes, but it's got this very typical catrice's lipstick scent to it. You'll understand if you tried this one or any other from the line. 

Texture-wise, it's very creamy and easy to apply. For some reason, I bought it thinking it was a matte formula, which led me to be rather dissapointed and confused, but further investigation showed that I was, in fact, wrong about the situation. 

The shiny finish of this lipstick comes with a flipside, though. Yes, it's hydrating, smooth, pigmented, applies evenly... But I feel that whenever I apply this without a lipliner, it will transfer to my whole face. Careful use prevents this though.

So although this won't be a lipstick I wear every day, I love the fact that it's only €3.99, which makes it perfect for trying out new shades and becoming comfortable wearing them, without spending too much money on something you may or may not use a lot.