Monday, 22 December 2014

My First Time NYC...

No, this is not a travel post (unfortunately...), but about some products I picked up from another affordable brand found in the everyday belgian drugstore Kruidvat. I'm talking about New York Color and their  HD color quatro eye shadow in (793) fashion bootcamp and the kohl kajal eyeliner pencil in (004) pure white I picked out to test out!

I originally intended on only picking this kohl liner up because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect, eye-brightening shade of eye pencil. I like this white, but it's not as pigmented as I would have liked and the staying power isn't as great either. it also isn't very smooth, so when I use this pencil in my inner colour, it rubs off some of my concealer in the proces. This means a more frequent use of the sharpener and a reduced lifespan of the eyeliner itself.
All this leads to me using this pencil, but still being on the lookout for the perfect waterline shade.

You might wonder why I picked this quatro up as well. One word: discounts! And the orange toned golden shade in this palette called out to me...
Compared to other drugstore palettes, this one really delivers some good shadows. There's pigmentation (but my eyeprimer might have helped me in this situation), there's a range of colours and it's blendable. Yes, they might be a little bit chalky, but for only €4.29, that's not a fair complaint.
I actually love all the colours in this palette, the golden one being my most used one. The black-but-not-too-black-with-a-hint-of-golden-shimmer is a very unique colour as well and the green one has got this true cameo-feel to it! There's also a standard white, shimmery shade added that can be used for a highlight.
This one gets a thumbs up from me! Unique colours in an affordable quatro? Count me in!

Have you tried any products of this line? I heard their liquid liner should be good as well...

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