Monday, 15 December 2014

schwarzkopf shampoo + conditioner

In the hair department, I'm always on the hunt for added moisture. I've got curly hair and that means that every bit of moisture I can get is well appreciated. I openly admit having abused my hair in the past - washing and straightening it on the daily - leaving it dry, frizzy and with split ends. Since then I've been trying to get it back to a more healthy - swishable state of being.

In this quest, I have tried lots of serums, oils, masks... Let's say that everytime I see the words 'repair' or 'nourish' I go crazy flash-eyed and buy it. This Swarzkopf essence ultime - omega repair is one of those buys. I have to say, I wasn't very impressed with it, nor was I disappointed.

It nourished my hair a great deal, but it felt heavy while it was air drying and my curls didn't turn out as curly as usual. This is a heavy formula and it may be great for those with sleek hair, but not very good for curls. But when combined with a curl-serum, my hair turned out good. Not great though.
for it's price, ofcourse, it performs well, but I still like a bit more volume at my roots.

Have you tried this shampoo/conditioner combo? Do you have any recommendations for curly hair?


  1. I'm picky when it comes to shampoos but I think I'll give these a try!

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