Monday, 17 November 2014

Nic's Picks

Brushes. The one thing I want to buy a lot of but restrain myself to just treat myself once in a while and manage to do so - even though it's hard sometimes. I also like a more affordable brush, meaning less than €20 per brush. So when I saw this - limited edition - set from Real Techniques and thought I really could use every single brush in this set, I snatched it up from feelunique and waited impatiently for this beautiful parcel.

I have bought the Real Techniques Starter Kit for eyes in the past and still am very pleased with that purchase (shout if you want an in depth review), so I had some expectations I wanted to see come true. Firstly, I wanted them to be soft -> check. Secondly, I wanted them to have the right amount of density -> check. And Thirdly, I wanted them to be easily washable without a lot of shedding -> check.
I also want to point out that all of these brushes have synthetic bristles. Might be nice to know for those of you who don't like to rub animal hairs against their face.

Duo-fiber Powder Brush - Cheek Brush (exclusive)

The face brushes in this kit where two I really wanted. They are both multitools in my opinion, which makes them very handy for travelling. Since I practically 'live' in two different cities, I move (a part of) my make up stash weekly so multitool brushes come in really handy for me.
The Duo-fiber Powder Brush is soft and fluffy. Duo-fiber means that there are two different types of 'hairs' in these brushes with different lengths. This makes sure the brush doesn't pick up too much product, which is really nice when you use it for things like powder and/or blush, so you don't get a cakey face. But if you want to get a denser appliance on certain areas, say on your T-zone, just press the side of the brush against your face to pack it on.
The Cheeck Brush is also a wonderfull brush. You can use it for contouring as well as for highlighting and it's soooo soft. When used for contouring, the dense bristles make it very easy to blend out the contour for a subtle look. I think this brush might be my favourite one of this whole set!

Base Shadow Brush - Eyeliner Brush (exclusive) - Angled Shadow Brush (exclusive)

Next on the list are the eye brushes and really, you could get a beautiful eyelook with just these three brushes if you don't want anything too excessive.
The Base Shadow Brush does what it says it does and more. It can pack on colour on your eyelid thanks to it's denseness, but you can also blend the edges of said eyeshadow with this brush thanks to it's tapered bristles.
After this you can grab the Angled Shadow Brush  and apply a darker colour in your crease for extra dimension while you blend it at the same time. The angled cut on this really simplifies this proces and provides a nice shape and blend (again, thanks to it's denseness).
After this, you can top off your eyelook with the Eyeliner Brush, adding a simple wing on your upper lashes and deepening up your lower lashline. I also like to use this for my cream eyeshadow pencils when I want to use one of them on top of or under my eyes. The bristles are nicely stiff so I can really swipe a good amount of colour off the pencils

Final verdict? I freaking love this set and recommend them to anyone who's looking to start a nice brush collection of good quality, affordable brushes.
There are three exclusive brushes in this limited edition set, so if you really like those, just pick it up, it's only €38.99 for five brushes! You might never get this chance again!


  1. Those brushes look so pretty!

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    1. They are! So soft and smooth, they make me feel like a professional :p
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