Thursday, 13 November 2014

MAC's Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

Time to haul/review another limited edition collection by MAC! Ofcourse, I restrained myself from buying all the products and did a good job doing so. I only fell for the FrankNFurter Lipstick (because come on, I could not leave it at the counter, could I? My sweet Franky?) and the Sculpt And Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize.

First of all; dat packaging. I'm Rocky Horror Picture Show lover, so this packaging is just one of the many things that really drew me to this collection. On the outside of the box you just have the classic rocky horror lip bite and the name, but when you open it, you are welcomed by all the different characters. First one to notice is Mr. FrankNFurter, the sweet transvestite and also Magenta, who is my personal favourite. I think I won't be throwing these boxes away anytime soon. I don't care if anyone calls it 'just carbage', to me it's a lot more than that!

The products itself have the same lip bite and script on them and I admit, MAC could have been a bit more creative with this (you  can't go wrong with a little more sparkle when playing with a theme like this), but I love it nonetheless.

Now, about the products themselves - if that still matters. The lipstick is a matte formula so it stays on your lips for a good while. I had it on for around 5 hours (in which I had to drink because - you know -  hydratation) and at the end of the day they still looked good. After dinner I had to touch up ofcourse, but I like the amount of wear I got out of it. I also didn't transfer a lot at all. Just the tiniest bit.
And what about that Sculpting Powder you ask? What? Can't see it in the pictures above? Well, it's there! It just provides such a natural, flawless finish on my skin which makes me very pleased. The contour powder isn't too dark or too pigmented so that I really can get in there with my brush without being afraid of ending up with dark brown streaks on my cheeks. It also blends out very easily. And the highlighting powder? It's a dream. I mainly apply on top of my cheekbones to make those pop. The finish is very natural as well (read: no disco ball effect) and I might even dare to highlight my nose with it!

I am very happy indeed with my purchases from the rocky horror picture show collection. I know a lot of people who don't live in or near Belgium were able to get this collection a lot earlier, but I only had the chance to grab these the 8th of november (-> release date, and there was already one lipstick sold out), so I wanted to show my love with this post!)
Have you bought anything from this or any other limited edition MAC collection? Let me know so we can all be jealous!

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