Monday, 10 November 2014

catrice photo finish foundation

By now you guys now I love a good opportunity to buy a new make up item. This time I thought I needed a foundation without spf because I was going to go out that evening and I suspected there might be some flash photography present. I was right.
So when I went to Kruidvat in my search for an affordable, non-spf-ey foundation, I came across the photo finish 18h liquid foundation by Catrice - an affordable brand I've had really good experiences with already, I thought I'd just try it out.

Excuse the messy hair. 

As you can see above, it was a match! I was so stoked about that because I thought I'd never find a foundation for less than €8 that would come in my shade. -happy dance-
Aside from that, I was very pleased with the amount of coverage it gave. My red cheeks turned in somewhat of an even canvas I could work with. I also didn't feel too heavy or tacky when I applied it.

One BIG downside of this product is that it's a little bit fragranced. And you can read this as an understatement. I was overwhelmed the first time I used it and couldn't place it. The second time I was prepared and decided it smelled like roses. But the artificial kind. Now, I have sensitive skin, so this kind of scares me, but seeing I never use it longer than a couple of hours I didn't see the full harm in testing it a bit more. After all, I didnt become a red slice of pizza (complete with a blemish outburst) after using this foundation.
Translation: My skin didn't have a bad reaction.

Ofcourse, this foundation couldn't really keep my oil at bay, but when you're going out you're moving and 'dancing' and therefore sweating the tiniest bit (ahem). So I still think it did a good job on this front seeing I didn't become an oily mess.

Conclusion: I like this foundation, but for occasional use only. I did like that I didn't become a ghost on the pictures taken at that particular party I mentioned above and I also like that the foundation didn't slide off my face before I could get home.
Also, for only €6,59 you can't really go wrong!

As I said, Catrice is a brand I really like in the drugstore, so if you want any of their product reviewed in the future, just tell me in the comments down bellow so I can make it happen!

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