Thursday, 6 November 2014

Brittle Nail Problems?

Me and my nails have been having an argument for a couple of years now. I want them to be strong and grow healthy, but they just refuse... I've tried a lot of so called 'strengthening' and 'nourishing' products on them but none of them seemed to work. I even took some supplements to make them grow stronger and I think that might have helped a little bit (visit your local pharmacy when you're interested in something like this), but still, they kept on splitting at the ends.
When somebody (with more experience in the nail area than me) recommended me to use a nail hardener by herôme, I thought I'd give it a go.

Herôme is a dutch brand, so if you're not from this area in Europe, it might be hard to get your hands on their product. In belgium you can get them in your local, more specialised drugstore like DI.
I went for the extra strong kind of nail hardener because I personally think I might need all the strength I can get. I guess you normally have to try the 'normal' strength of this product first, but I thought I'd skip it altogether.
The way you us this product is to apply one coat the first day, top it up with another coat the next day and on the third day you remove it all and start all over. This proces has to be repeated for three full weeks.
I didn't think it took up a lot of my time, seeing the hardener dried rather quickly so I wasn't an immobilised t-rex for half an hour each morning. I was afraid I was going to miss my nail colours, but luckily I was strong and got past these hard times.

Now the big question is; was it worth it?
It think I can safely say yes as an answer. I do think this has also helped my nails to become stronger and grow longer if I let them, but there still is a long road ahead of us. It hasn't stopped my nails from splitting, but they don't split as much anymore.

What I thought was a nice addition, is how sleek this bottle exactly is. Not only does it feel extra luxurious putting this on, it's also very practical because the top of the bottle can be used as a cuticle pusher.

All in all, I'd recommend you'd check this product out if your nails are a little bit brittle as well.

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