Monday, 3 November 2014

Essence's lashmania + a little princess update

Mascara. I think I can safely say it's the most used make up product ever. You might not be as much into make up as I am, but I bet there's still a tube of mascara hanging out in your near surroundings. I, on the other hand - being an addict, have several. I try not to buy too much at the same time, but I've found myself on a 'small' mission to test out all of the most affordable mascaras on the block. 
This time I've been trying out Essence's lashmania reloaded mascara.

I picked this up because I heard someone say it had a serious false-lash effect. I didn't really get that, but I did like it. It added more length to my lashes than volume, but on more natural days that's alright. The brush is a little bit weird, being plastic and having only four rows of long bristles. I got the feeling that, because of this reason, I had to be extra careful and more wiggly while applying this so I didn't get clumps.
Not my favourite affordable mascare, but still one you might want to check out (If I remember correctly it wasn't even €3...)

By the way... remember that post  I did about the lash princess volume mascara (also by Essence)? I wasn't too keen on it that time, but I had to update you guys... I'm a convert and I love this mascara now. It volumises, lenghtens and keeps your lashes wherever you want them to be. The pictures beneath don't really do justice (I had a bad lash day...), but I really recommend picking this baby up and trying out. It's less than €4, so if you don't get along with it you can't kill me for it! 

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