Thursday, 20 November 2014

Affordable Kiko Goodies

As a beauty product addict, I'm always up for an affordable brand. So when I discovered Kiko, an italian brand that has been called the MAC of the highstreet (meaning: more affordable), I surely had to take a look. By the way, this post -again- couldn't have been without the help of my friend Marjolein, who provided me with these goodies after her trip to Italy.

I picked up 3 eyeshadow products, simply because I was the most intrigued by them and saw Lisa Eldridge using one of those. The products I picked up are the Color-up Long Lasting Eyeshadow in (29) Irrisistible Teal (€7.90), the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in (10) Emerald Green (€6.90) and the Eyetech Look Eyeshadow in (101) Pearly coral (€5.90).

(101) pearly coral - (29) irrisitible teal - (10) emerald green
As you can see above, the darker colours are intensely pigmented (only one swipe applied), but the lighter shade - the eyetech - had to be really built up to the intensity you can now witness.

So let's start with the Eyetech Look Eyeshadow, which was, for me, the most dissapointing of them all. 
The idea behind this eyeshadow is awesomely unique. It's some sort of pencil eyeshadow, but instead of dispensing the colour straight from the wand, the eyeshadow is stored in the lid of the pencil. This means that everytime you open the lid, the right amount of product should be on the sponge. Yes, should. I found that everytime I applied this colour, I ended up going back into the tube because it really didn't show up on my eyes. Also, it didn't take this eyeshadow too long to spread all over the rest of my eyes and some parts of my face. For me, it came out too glittery and not pigmented enough. This really bummed me out because I think this is such a great way to travel with you eyeshadow without it taking up too much space.

Next on my list of judgement, is the Color-up Long Lasting Eyeshadow. This stick is just... Awesome. It's highly pigmented, blendable (I used Lisa Eldridge's tip to load it onto a brush first so you can be more precise with it) and stays on. I've got oily eyelids and haven't discover my holy grail eyeprimer yet, so whenever I test a new product out, this is something I keep in mind. But this babe... It just stayed chilling on my eyelids without getting too greasy until I had it in my heart to wash it off - which wasn't too much of a chore as well. This eyeshadow can also double up as a dark blue eyeliner if you load it onto a fine brush as well and you can line your lower lash line with it, seeing it doesn't smudge. This one deserves a big thumbs up from me!

Finally: the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. You can tell I picked up eyeshadow with my oily lids in mind. Especially with more bold eyeshadow colours, you want them to last and not move up to your brow bone. And lucky me, it's a winner! The times I've had the chance to smear this on my eyelids, it really performed like a long lasting eyeshadow should perform. Ofcourse, as with all thing creamy, I put an eyeshadow on top if it, but if your base doesn't work, the eyeshadow doesn't work!
The texture of this eyeshadow is very smooth as well, making application not too much of a pain. It also blends very well and you can build it up to the intensity you like!

This brand has got me excited! Apart from the Eyetech Fiasco, I really love the sticks I bought and want to try out some other products from their line. Maybe some face products as well?
The thing is, you can't buy these products in a store in Belgium, so online shopping is the way to go! Shipping to belgium isn't too expensive and even free if you buy for €49 or more. If you're interested, it might be nice to find a/some friends who also like to buy from this brand to avoid the shipping costs!

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