Monday, 24 November 2014

E.L.F. Glossy Lip Products

It's time. Finally I will talk about one of my favourite brands that can be described as affordable, natural and cruelty-free. E.L.F., short for Eyes Lips Face, is all three of those things. Their philosophy is that cruelty-free and natural make up doesn't have to be expensive. I have several types of their products - and I'm only just getting started - so I thought I'd start out by talking about the 'glossy' products I've already purchased of them.

First off I should give you guys an 'ELF basics' lesson: they've got three different ranges: Studio, Mineral and Essential. The latter one being the most affordable of them all and the studio and mineral lines are a bit higher in price, mineral being the most 'expensive' (and made with minerals -duh) of them all - if you can even call it expensive. 

Luscious Liquid Lipstick - essential €1
shades: (upper) rasberry - (lower) maple sugar

Described as a lipstick, it sets high expectations about the amount of pigmentation it will deliver. On the other hand, my expectations were lowered by how affordable this product is. So I started out with mixed feelings, but they clarified quickly. For this price you can't go wrong. It aplies smoothly and even and it does have a nice pigmentation. Yes, the wear isn't optimal, but because the application is so easy and fuss-free, you can touch up whenever you want. But in the end, this products is still a pigmented lip gloss for me and not a lipstick.

Lip Balm Tint - essential €2.50
shade: Peach

I picked this up because I wanted to experiment with a more orange tone on my lips and thought this subtle colour might do the transitioning-trick with me. Moisture-wise, this is nice. Not the kind of product that will save your lips when they are parched, but a nice day-to-day moisture addition to your lips. Colour-wise... Well, it's very subtle, a little bit too subtle to my liking. But I guess that's what a tinted lip balm stands for, right? Still nice for those days you don't want to wear make up but want to perk up your colourless lips.

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick - essential €2.50
shade: sangria starters

Out of all these products, this is my most used one. Why? Because it doesn't have the sticky lip gloss feeling but is still shiny and doesn't slip right of your lips. Application is easy as well - though you have to be a bit more careful because it has a larger working surface. In the end, it's still my favourite one to throw in my purse/backpack for the day for easy touch-ups on the go. And it's a steal!

Hypershine Gloss - essential €1
shade: flirt

My latest addition to the bunch and I have to say, I'm impressed. You may have guessed it, but I'm actually not that much of a lip gloss gal because I don't really like the slippery and sticky feeling it gives me. So when I ordered this I was rather sceptical but I was almost blown of my socks when I first applied this. It's not watery at all (something I was expecting) and has decent pigmentation as well! It also lasts surprisingly well. I openly admit that I was wrong about this gloss.

LBT peach - LLL rasberry - LLL maple sugar - JLGS sangria starters - HG flirt

If you're interested in buying ELF products now, it's not hard at all. Event though they are not available in stores here in Belgium, you can easily order them online on their website. almost every country has their own site, so if you're not from Belgium, you can just search eyeslipsface with google and you'll find something ;) I guarantee you, when you're on their site it will be hard not to buy anything because everything is just so affordable.
Have you tried any ELF products? Or do you have your eyes set on some?

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