Sunday, 5 October 2014

Stila Liner Love

As I've said before, I do love some liquid eyeliner. Before, I only used the real liquid liner. You know, the kind with a little brush that you dip in the 'ink' and then scrape it off for the next 5 minutes. But I had heard about the felt tip liner and wanted to see which kind of liner works best for me.  I picked Stila's Stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner off of feelunique when the after summer sale was a thing.

To start things off with, I do really enjoy this liner. It has a real precise application and you can get very fine or very bold results. One thing I do have to mention, is that it isn't as black as a liquid liquid liner and that the tip might be more prone towards bending or losing it's firmness. Ofcourse, you can build it up, but I use a felt tip for convenience and the fact that it's a lot quicker than a brush tip (which you have to dip). When you have to trace your liner a couple of times, it loses some of those perks. But don't think I don't like this liner merely because it isn't as black as other liners, it has some great advantages as well.

Swatchy. Not as intense as I would have wanted

One of it's claims is that it's waterproof and I completely agree with them on that point. As you may know, my eyes water. Too much. But when I've got this on my eyelids, I don't have to worry about losing my wing or just having a black spot instead. It's really does stay all day

To round things up: I enjoy using this liner because it's convenient, easy and fast, but also stays on my eyeballs all day, everyday. Something to try out if you're only just getting into eyeliner!

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