Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils

Am I the only one with eyes which start to water if the slightest bit of sunlight hits them? I can't be. But because of this 'problem' I'm always on the lookout for a nice waterproof and/or longlasting formula in the eye department. It's a plus when it's a bargain as well. So when I saw the Long lasting eye pencils by Essence in store, I grabbed them and never put them back.

The colours that I originally decided to put in my collection where (02) Hot Chocolate, a matte dark brown and (18) Berry Merry, a slightly glittery deep purple. Most recently I added (05) c'est la vie (an extreme glittery, almost metallic silver) as well, because I was looking for that waterline colour that would really brighten your eyes. I really love using them, even though I'm more of a liquid liner kind of gal for everyday wear. That's mostly because finding a good waterproof, non-runny liquid liner is easier to find than an eye pencil that stays put.

I've had these colours for a while now and they have been tested thoroughly. They've been rubbed, scratched and washed while swatched on my hand, they've been cried in and they have stand through the test of allergies.
I must say, I am pleased.
Especially hot chocolate en berry merry stayed very well in place while being furiously rubbed, as well as c'est la vie, only I did notice that with the latter one there was some displacement of glitter. But this one did survive a whole day in my waterline, which really impressed me.

after being rubbed. As you can see some of the glitter of c'est la vie has transferred onto the other colours.
after being washed with plain water. 
Still, after a whole day of wear,  it did fade a little, but you can't ask more of something that's so affordable and applies so smooth...
I really think I might pick up more of this line, it's really fun to play around with them!

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