Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer

And a not so rave.

Another day, another base. As you all know, summer is over -tum tum tuuuum-, but that's not a reason to be sad, my friends! Autumn is here and isn't that wonderfull? So to celebrate a new season, I thought I'd try out some new face products. Both from Bourjois, the first, which I wanted to try for a loooong time, is the 123 Perfect CC Cream and I also got the 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream  to go with it.

123 Perfect CC Cream

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Because when I applied this for the first time, I most definitely did. I had some real bad skin at the time and it got all evened out by applying this CC cream. By the way, CC stands for Colour Correcting, which is exactly what this product does. It dries nice and quickly, isn't too oily and dewy but also isn't too matte. Don't get me wrong, I like matte foundations, but it's just not as natural looking as this one is.

Of course, I still set this with a powder, but I don't do so on my cheecks. I feel like this cc cream will stay on there no matter how warm it might be. But it won't cut it for my T-zone. But then again, nothing really does.

One thing that did absolutely amaze me, was the fact that the shade was right for me! I bought it in the lightest shade and it looks so natural on me! I don't even need to take it down the neck.

123 Pefect CC Eye Cream

Onto the next product I tried from this range. The concealer. Well, techincally it isn't called a concealer, but an eye cream, but I'm going to be a rebel and call it a concealer. It does what a concealer does, right?

Apart from that, I wasn't really impressed by this. After trying the foundation, I was really impressed and thought this was going to be amazing as well, but it couldn't be... It kind of dissapointed me, to be honest.
I just thought it was way too liquidy. No creamyness to pack on to hide those undereye circles. No. This was a concealer of a more highlighting kind, but I don't really like those. By the way, when a concealer is called Colour Correcting, I expect it to give just a little more coverage on top of those blue bags.

I will keep using this nonetheless. Not only because I hate throwing barely used stuff away (it's my money I'm throwing away, right?), but also because I can use it on top of my correcting concealer (bobbi brown corrector) under my eyes and to highlight on my face, since this colour is also light enough to do that (which excited me as well!)

Now I'm thinking of trying out the foundation of this range... Has anyone ever tried this? Any opinions?

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