Monday, 13 October 2014

Kind-of-sick Face Enhancements

When I'm feeling sick, nothing is right. I roll out of bed, just to crawl into my chair. I drink my coffee way slower than usual. My breakfast doesn't prepare itself, so I just have to force myself to go fetch it, which may take up to half an hour if I'm not in a rush. The only thing I still enjoy doing is -apart from eating the food- doing my make up and getting refreshed. I don't spend too much attention on my eyes (apart from highlighting+putting on a wash of colour), but my face gets the whole treatment.

how weird it feels to put my face like this on the interwebs

As you can see, I'm a naturally pale kinda gal, but when I'm sick (or have a cold, like now) I feel like there's no colour whatsoever left. Apart from my ever red cheecks. But let's not get into that.

Now to get into the products, I will not go over my base (bourjois 123 perfect CC cream), because I did my last post all about it (and I used the eye cream as well), you can read it here.

Bobbi Brown Corrector - Light Bisque
The main goal of this product is to correct the blue monsters that could be hiding under your eyes. Since I am pale, I do suffer from those on a daily basis, but when I'm feeling ill, it's worse. So I thought this product would be a godsent, and it is. Although I think I might try out a more intense pink (counteracts blue) shade next time and see if it might give just that last bit of coverage I need. But I still think it delivers!
Side note: this products is meant to be worn underneath a concealer, so don't worry when you see it and think it is too pink.

Catrice Creamy Blush - Eve In Bloom (LE)

This is actually one of the first blushes I've bought (don't worry, I only started wearing blushes less than a year ago) and is really in need of a replacement. I don't really love this blush. Yes, it performs and gives colours, but it just doens't have a lot of stayingpower. But seeing this was a limited edition anyways, I won't even be able to pick it up again. I think I might go for a bobbi brown or a mac cream blush next.
I put on this blush today because I wasn't in the mood for a true pink shaded blush, but more of a peachy pink. Don't judge!)

Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - (01) Light Matte

To bring back some colour, apart from the blush, I bring some bronzing powder into the game. This one is perfect. It is a very light, matte (duh) bronzer without any sparkle. I don't really like sparkle on my face because it's shiny enough by itself, so that's a BIG advantage. Even when I overdo it, it's not too much. It also doesn't feel too cakey or powdery on the skin. I'm a fan!

E.L.F  Makeup Mist & set

This is the final step of my routine and the most rewarding one when I'm not feeling too well. The part I love about it most is that is just wakes you up and freshens your skin. Apart from that, I think it does help the lasting power of my make up. Not only that, but it also makes my skin look less cakey when I've been too excited with my powder.

Do you have products that highlight your day when you're not feeling like yourself?

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