Thursday, 16 October 2014

Essence's Changing Nail Polish

I'm a sucker for novelty.
Whenever I see something that is new or innovative, I go for it. Especially when it's affordable. And who'd have guessed that his description can be perfectely applied to the Hello Autumn nail polish from Essence in the shade (02) Meet my pumpkin. I could only pick this one up in my store, but on their site I could see that there are five shades in total!

The idea behind the polish: It's a colour-adapting nail polish. It doesn't react on your skin's ph balance like the blush they've come out with in the same range, but on temperature. First idea that popped in my head was: MOOD RING! And that took me back to my childhood years... Good marketing, isn't it?
The shade I bought (without much of a choice) is a very nice orange shade when you've got warm hands. Now, I am blessed with almost continiously warm hands, so the colour that shows up on my nails most is the bright version.

I was rather surprised when I first applied it. The difference between the colour in the bottle and when applied is very big and I must say, I do like the colour in the bottle better, since it's a darker, warmer, autumny-er shade. However, when your hands are colder (I put my hands under cold water for this picture, had to hurry!), this colour does show up. So I guess you only get to wear autumnal shades when your body is feeling like autumn a.k.a. cold.

Still, I love all colours the polish transforms into and it's just such a great idea! I wish more brands would do this so we could have a big mood polish battle.

Now, most importantly (but not really, because I'm already a happy child), the wear. I thought it had nice lasting power, being two days without chipping. I did top up my top coat every morning, so that could have helped this process. Still, for it's price it's certainly a very good polish.

Have you tried this nail polish yet? Do you like the idea?
See the rest of the Hello Autumn range I tried here

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