Monday, 27 October 2014

M.A.C.'s Pander Me

Hello everyone! I come to you with a very important message. So important that I rescheduled my original blog post for today. Why you ask? Because this is about a limited edition lipstick that I've absolutely fallen in love with...

The lipstick I'm talking about is from M.A.C.'s limited edition 'The Matte Lip' Collection in Pander Me. Now, I've done some researching behind the name (because I didn't know what it meant) and I'd just say... if you want to, look it up, I was slightly shocked. But that's probably because I didn't expect it. 

Now, about the lipstick itself. It is a matte formula (you wouldn't say, would you?), but it isn't too drying like other matte lip colours can be. This is my first matte M.A.C. lipstick and I'm pleasantly surprised. Ofcourse it isn't one of their retro mattes, which are really drying, or so I heard, but do stay on all day (have to test this for myself!). This kind of matte also has great staying power. I didn't really need to touch up after I ate or drank, but I did it anyway (because I'm an addict).

The colour of this baby is beautiful. It's a orange-y, brownish nude that completes any fall look and can be worn as an everyday shade (which I can honestly say I've done).
I truly think this will be one of my staples for a long time, but I might have to cut down the amount of usage. Otherwise I might run out too soon...

Did I sparkle your interest for this lipstick? Don't wait too long and hurry to a M.A.C. store! It's limited edition, so when it's gone it's gone! I really recommend you picking it up. You can have a look at the other shades as well, such as Nouvelle Vogue, a beautiful pink shade. The lipsticks in this collection are €19.00 each.

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